About Bonaire


— Bon Bini Bonaire —

Bonaire is located just 50 miles (80 km) off the coast of Venezuela on the continental shelf of South America. Bonaire is small, but there are countless activities to keep visitors as busy as they wish!

The northern end of the island is relatively mountainous, although its highest peak is only 240 metres (790 feet). The southern part of the island is nearly flat. A significant portion of this southern region is covered with sea water in process of evaporation for salt production. This area also contains Lac Bay with its large mangrove forest.

Bonaire is fringed by a coral reefs which is accessible to divers from the shore. The entire coastline of the island was designated a marine sanctuary in 1979, an effort to preserve and protect the delicate coral reef and the marine life that depends on it.

Bonaire is also famed for it’s flamingo populations and it’s donkey sanctuary.

Klein Bonaire

This small island in the sheltered lee of Bonaire. While Bonaire has some hills and variations in altitude, Klein Bonaire’s surface is quite level and just a few feet above high tide. Because the island is as-yet undeveloped, the fringing reef system surrounding Klein Bonaire is truly pristine. The smaller island is entirely ringed with dive sites