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Valid Driver’s license:
Rental agreement 
By signing the Car Rental agreement with Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire you agree to the rental conditions as described in the Terms & conditions Car Rental Agreement (online;      

I agree with the Car Rental Agreement



When you rent a car from us, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.

• Days cannot be reserved in advance
• A rental day cars is equal to 24 hours
• The 24-hour period for cars can start at any time during our opening hours
• The minimum rental period is 3 days

Don’t forget to have your ID to hand when you pick up your rental car. These must all be in the name of the tenant. Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire reserves the right to check the data in advance.
Attention! Any additional driver must be present at the time of pick-up of the rental car. This additional driver only needs to be able to show a valid driver’s license, which has been in possession for at least 1 year.

• The price of the rental car includes VAT, All-risk insurance, with a Deductible of $560.00 all kilometers free and including one additional driver.
• The price of the rental car does not include fuel costs. You must return the car with a full tank. If this is not possible, we charge $30.00 per quarter tank. So half full is $60.00, empty is $120.00. We also charge $25.00 for refueling the car.

Your car is fully insured against damage to your rental car and damage to the other party with a deductible of $560.00 per event. The maximum amount that can be paid out has been set by our insurance company at $83,000 per event. If the damage exceeds this amount, you are responsible for it yourself.

Not allowed
• Transporting people in return for payment.
• Driving on roads and terrains that are not suitable or prohibited access.
• For transporting too many occupants and/or luggage.
• To tow or push other vehicles, trailers and objects without our permission.
• For transporting material that is dangerous for the car or that makes the car unusable (smell).
• For transporting cargo against payment.
• To participate in races, rallies and other speed and agility events.
• For violating traffic rules and other illegal purposes.

In the event of unauthorized use, you are liable for any damage, loss and costs arising from this. The insurance policies you have taken out will lapse, we will confiscate the rental car and terminate the rental agreement.

Breaking the law
In the event of violation of the law (including being under the influence of substances that affect driving ability such as alcohol, drugs and some medicines, exceeding the speed limit) you are personally liable for all consequences resulting from the violation.We also charge administration costs for fines registered on the basis of the registration number of the rental car.

In the event of an accident, you and any additional driver are insured for the rental car and damage to third parties. After an accident you should always call the road service (+5997010737) and inform Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire (+5997960133). You are also obliged to cooperate with us and with our insurers in any investigations and legal proceedings.

Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire is not liable for misuse or loss of personal property, goods or luggage of the renter, the authorized driver(s) or other users or occupants of the vehicle.You must park the car in a safe place to reduce the risk of theft and destruction.Make sure that valuables are never left unattended in the car, always check that the car is NOT locked and handle the keys with care.

You must be able to hand over the keys after any theft. If not, you will be liable for the full damage and/or loss. If the car or one or more belongings are stolen, you are obliged to inform us and file a report. You are also required to cooperate with us and with our insurers in investigations and legal proceedings.

You are obliged to check the condition of the car for damage and to make photos or a film on your smartphone so that there is no discussion afterwards.
In case of damage to the car or a traffic accident, we will charge you the costs of the deductible.

• For passenger cars, the minimum deposit is $560.00. This can be done in cash or by providing your credit card details.
• Tenants are responsible for being aware of and complying with local laws and regulations. 
• Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire reserves the right not to rent a car in appropriate cases.

The following rules apply to cancellations:
• You can cancel free of charge up to 12 days before departure to Bonaire
• If you cancel within 12 days of departure to Bonaire, the full amount will be charged as a cancellation fee
• Cancellations due to ‘no show’ will result in payment of the entire rental amount
• When a car is returned earlier, in case of prepayment, no refund will be made for unused rental days

We are obliged to rent you a car that is in good condition and that works properly. In the event of a defect, we provide repair as soon as possible or a replacement car from another car rental company. When we need to rent a car from another company it is possible that you have to pay extra because their rental prices are higher than ours.

We will not be liable for any other losses arising from the car hire unless they are the direct and foreseeable consequence of our negligence or our failure to comply with these rental conditions.

We are in no way liable for lost profits or missed opportunities.

You must use, handle and return the car in accordance with the terms of this rental agreement. To the fullest extent permitted by law, our insurance policies will be void if you or an additional driver fail to comply with these rental terms, if the loss or damage is caused intentionally or through gross negligence. All in car rental Bonaire is in possession of a copy of the insurance conditions that will be provided at the request of the lessor

Returning the car
You must return the car in the same condition in which we delivered the car, barring normal wear and tear.
When returning the car, it is checked whether the car has been returned in the same condition.

Own risk USD 560,00
Main limitations and exclusions for the USD 560,00 own risk:

  • The tenant is fully liable for all damage not covered by the insurance.
  • Driving on a bad/unsuitable road surface causing damage to the underside of the car. Driving on the beach causing damage from salt water and/or sand.
  • Driving on flooded roads causing damage to the engine.
  • Improper use of the vehicle, such as adding the wrong fuel or contaminating the fuel.
  • Burnout of clutch and parking brake due to incorrect use.
  • Causing damage to the rims by driving with a flat tire.
  • Installing parts on the inside or outside of the car without permission.
  • Tires 
  • Windows
  • Theft when you don’t return the keys.

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