Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire processes information about individual persons, on a daily basis. Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire operates in accordance with the law. Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire respects the privacy of the people about whom it receives information and handles that information in strict confidence. In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire processes, and for what purposes.

The privacy statement does not apply to the processing of personal data by third parties, such as companies and/or websites offering travel or package travel services.We advise you to read this privacy statement carefully.

Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire, Kaya Scoprio 17, Kralendijk, Bonaire, email address:, website:, is the data controller for the processing and storage of your personal data. If you have any questions about the content of the privacy statement, please contact

Personal data

Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire processes different types of personal data for different purposes. We explain below which personal data we process, and for which purposes.

Guest records

For (the booking of) an overnight stay in one of our accommodation facilities, the guesthouse requires your name, address, place of residence, telephone number, email address date of arrival and departure and your payment details. We can receive these data from third parties with whom you have completed the booking process. We may request additional personal data from you such as your nationality or guest preferences, to enable us to supply you with our products and/or services.

In addition, we are required by law to check your identity. We will do this on the spot, in the guesthouse, according to the identity document you present. We will not make a copy of this document. This data will only be used internally and will not be shared with other organisations, for commercial purposes.

Direct Marketing

To enable us to provide you with offers that interest you, we collect commercially relevant information about people, such as demographic data. We can collect information about you from third parties including information from our partners and social media sites, according to your data sharing settings on those websites.

Social media

Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire has a presence on various social media, such as Facebook. We can use your personal data when you use functions on these websites and/or apps, such as when you ‘like’ something on Facebook. We can obtain your personal data via our social media in question whenever you use a function of this kind.


Except in the following circumstances, we do not share your personal data with businesses, organisations and individuals outside Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire.

Performance of an agreement

We are permitted to provide your personal data to a third party if this is necessary for us to meet our contractual obligations to you. This includes the processing of your reservation. If necessary for payment for the reservation, we will use a third party for processing payments.

With your consent

With your consent, we can provide your personal data to other parties. Such consent is only valid if you are clear about what you are consenting to and what the consequences of that consent will be.

For legal reasons

We share personal data if we believe we are required to disclose that data to comply with applicable laws and regulations, legal proceedings, or requests from government agencies.

Statutory obligation

We will provide your personal data if we are required to do so by law.

Retention period

We do not keep your personal data any longer than necessary, unless the law requires us to keep your personal data for a longer period of time. Our basic principle is that we keep personal data only as long as necessary to enable us to supply you with our products and/or services. After this goal is achieved, we will delete your personal data to the extent possible. 


Although we manage this website with considerable care and attention, it is possible that the site contains incorrect information. Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire cannot be held liable for technical or editorial errors occurring in this website, or for any consequential losses suffered as a result of the use or temporary non-availability of this website or links to third-party websites.


Do you have any questions? If so, please e-mail them to:

This privacy statement accords with the General Data Protection Regulation. We reserve the right to update this privacy statement periodically. The most recent version will be published on this page.

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