Windsurfing at Lac bay

One of the best places in the world for Windsurfing!

Bonaire is Bonaire has the perfect conditions for windsurfing

Windsurfers could not ask for a better spot than Lac Bay, Sorobon on the East coast of Bonaire. With crystal clear, waist deep turquoise bays and white, sandy beaches this is one of the most picturesque and unspoilt, natural Caribbean island.

Bonaire in the Caribbean offers world class flat water, slalom and freestyle windsurf conditions.

It’s also one of the best Learn to Windsurf locations suitable for everyone and has much other things to offer: kayaking, scuba diving, kitesurfing, free-diving, yoga and cycling, etc.

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Scuba diving, 1000 steps Bonaire

The Spot Lac Bay, Sorobon

Windsurfing takes place on the east coast in an almost enclosed bay called ‘Lac Bay’.

The wide, mirror flat water is good for all levels and an ideal place to learn. Shallow waist deep water stretches right out to the reef with super shallow area close to the shore. Even the youngest windsurfers can learn in safety. The wind is onshore with a steady wind.

Beginner? No problem!

Bonaire is a great place to learn windsurfing. Beginners are usually found in the beachside of Lac Bay as the shallow waters in this area make for easy recovery during falls while the barrier reef guarantees smooth-water sailing.

Experienced? Awesome!!

As well as the intermediate-, expert- and Pro-level windsurfers can enjoy the sport to it’s fullest potential

Windsurfing Schools Bonaire

‘The Frans Paradise’

The brothers Tonky and Taty Frans from Bonaire pushing all the limits to reach every dream they’ve had. From worldwide windsurfing competitions to now their our own Windsurf & Wing foil center at Sorobon Bay on Bonaire, The Frans Paradise.

Now, they are focused on bringing their skills back home to Bonaire, the mecca of freestyle windsurfing!

The Frans Paradise opened it’s doors at the end of 2018 at the point on Lac Bay, offering rentals for all levels of windsurfing gear and foils, as well as lessons for beginners and advanced sailors.  

Their enthusiasm is infectious and their skills are top-notch!  So, what are you waiting for?!

Go visit them!

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Bonaire windsurf place

Windsurfing Schools Bonaire

“Bonaire Windsurf place”

“The Bonaire Windsurf Place”, is owned and operated by Bonaireans Elvis Martinus and Patoen Saragoza and their partner Roger Jurriens of Aruba. Their large facility with its raised, covered porch looking out over Lac Bay is well organized and features the best state-of-the-art equipment available.

The gear is all rigged and ready and the staff helps their clients with their board selection, sail changes and lessons with a personalized “native touch”. 

Windsurfing Schools Bonaire

‘Dunkerbeck Pro Center!’

Bonaire Windsurf center: Dunkerbeck Pro Center is a all-in-one stop for your windsurf needs! It is founded by Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Philippe Bru.

In the Dunkerbeck Pro Center we focus on the details. For example, the equipment for rent is selected from the very best windsurf brands in the world

The teachers and staff are professionals in their field and will always help with pure and honest enthusiasm.  

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Bonaire windsurf place

Windsurfing Schools Bonaire

Jibe City Windsurf center

This is it! Jibe city a relaxed, quiet wind surfing center, situated at Lac Bay Sorobon.

Jibe windsurfing rents out surfing equipment, but also SUP boards. In addition, you can go for lessons or simply chill and enjoy the view as well and the wind surfers in action.

What to do on Bonaire besides Windsurfing?

When you want to take a break from Windsurfing to experience some of the other Bonaire experiences
Check this:
– Kiteboarding at Atlantis Kite beach (Bonaire kite school, Kiteboarding Bonaire, Chogogo Kiteschool
– Freediving (Blue Classroom, by Carlos Coste)

– Scuba Diving (ask Kim for the possibilities)
– Yoga
– Crossfit (CrossFit Palms)
– Sailing around the island (Chill & grill, dubble dib snorkel trip, sunset sail)

Your Holiday matters to us!

Therefore, we are happy to assist you to make your Bonaire experience unforgettable!

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