5 Years Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire

It’s already 5 years ago we made the decision to move to Bonaire and started Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire.

We are John and Kim, an easy-going and relaxed couple.

Both born in The Netherlands and moved in July 2017 to the beautiful Island of Bonaire to start our Business Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire.

In the years we upgraded oasis Guesthouse Bonaire into a cozy small-scale modern guesthouse where we introduce all our guests to this beautiful island.

Why we decided to move to Bonaire?

We decided to move to Bonaire because we love the tropical island vibes, nature and the beautiful blue ocean. Scuba diving is our passion, we are both experienced scuba divers and love to explore the beauties of the underwater world. 

BUT Bonaire has so much more to offer then only Scuba diving! In the years we are living on this beautiful island in the Caribbean and running our business, we also made some time to explore the island.

Our Top 5 things to do on Bonaire


  1. Scuba diving
  2. Wind-, Kitesurfing
  3. Freediving
  4. Photography (underwater)
  5. Beach walks


  1. Scuba diving
  2. Volunteering Bird rescue
  3. Beach walks
  4. Going out for lunch/dinner
  5. Nature 

In the next blog, we will talk about 1 of our top 5 things to do on Bonaire

Your Holiday matters to us!

Therefore, we are happy to assist you to make your Bonaire experience unforgettable!

See you at Oasis Guesthouse Bonaire!

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